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No More Posts

2011-05-23 17:07:31 by 7Demented

Hey guys. I haven't been keeping up with posts so I came to an important decision: no more posts.

I know I'm supposed to post on my life and such but I never do. From now on, I'll only post when it comes to my projects.

So for now, don't bother checking back every 2 months. Bowser555 out.


2011-01-25 16:44:21 by 7Demented

Hey guys check this site!

I've been having a LOT of fun on ROBLOX

Hey guys!

2010-12-20 17:12:02 by 7Demented

REALLY sorry, but I will now try to log on as much as possible.

So, what's new?


2010-08-16 13:36:26 by 7Demented

I'm sorry i left for a while. I have had NO access to a computer for 2 months.

There are no other news tonight.


2009-09-01 08:31:51 by 7Demented

I keep searching for Liveswif 2.2, but every time i try to download, it doesn't work! Any tips?

In other words, blah blah blah, maybe someday you'll get a promotion. -Dilbert

HOLY SH- *did i just say that?!?*


2009-08-14 15:43:50 by 7Demented

Sorry i haven't posted in a while. I forgot to.

I got this program close to flash. It's LiveSwif. The version I have is 2.1 Lite. Do I need to get 2.2 instead? PLZ say so if necessary.

Time to end the post. <shuts off cpu>

NO @#$%IN' WAY!!!

2009-05-06 18:35:38 by 7Demented

Guess what? I tried 2 download "free" Flash from that website '', yet it costs $30.00 just for membership FOR the free download!!! Whoever suggested PirateBay, F*** YOU AND YOUR LAZY LITTLE @$$!!!!!!!! bitch. >:C


2009-04-03 21:10:46 by 7Demented

I hav absoloutely NO IDEA where to get the flash program! HELP ME!

Cant buy flash! :(

2009-03-09 08:35:18 by 7Demented

I am unable to buy flash, 'cause I am flat broke! So, it'll be quite a while before you guys will see any submission from me.

no flash!

2009-03-01 15:08:17 by 7Demented

I have not bought a flash program yet! How much does it cost, anyway??? I'm flat broke!